Boys like dumb girls

I know this is a stroke of genius short of being original from my last post, but I think I’ve narrowed down the biggest part of my frustration with this matter. It’s just that… it’s so unfair… BOYS LIKE DUMB GIRLS.

I’m having the hardest time wrapping my mind around it. Find me a boy who can teach me a thing or two or engage me in enlightening conversation, and well, I’ve got stars in my eyes. But it seems a quick wit can’t compete with a girl who flips her hair saying, “OMG! I looooove football!” 

I've heard a handful too many girls state they always forget to vote like it's something to be proud of. And I've heard one too many say they just voted for whomever their friends liked. (Actually, they didn't say whomever...) Call me crazy, but I think it's drop dead sexy to study out the candidates and vote on your best conscience. 

Maybe evolution has something to do with it? Men need to be bright to outsmart the rest of this crazy race to provide for their families. Women just need to get by.

Yeah, that couldn’t be more false. I overheard my coworkers talking about how to get their kids to eat healthy foods, and I tell you, they are geniuses. So what is it? Is it that boys like dumb girls but men marry smart ones? I’d like to hope this is true.

But for the time being, I choose the high road. I will not negotiate knocking down my I.Q. based on the jaw line of the fellow I’m chatting with. I may be a hair flip and a high-pitched giggle away from my next flirty text message, but I’m a New York Times and a wry smile closer to dignity.


  1. I don't like dumb girls! I'm offended!

  2. You win. You got me with The New Yorker and wry smile. Best. Sentence. Ever.

  3. I'm basically in love with you. And I'm SMART.

  4. maybe i don't ever remember to vote. zaooo gaoooo