Fun with English

When you have a mother, and that mother is an English teacher, you're in for worlds of fun. Oh, right, 'fun' is what led to the vocabulary fest I just had with her.

The young women in our ward were quoted in our ward newsletter on how they felt about a recent activity. We highlighted the amount it said fun. In it's varied sentences, they always ended in fun. Gotta hand it to 'em, it sounded like fun. 

Well, as this had sufficiently rotten either our brains or our naturally amiable temperaments, we decided to toss out as many alternatives as we could. "A blast" "Exhilarating time had by all" "Barrels of laughs" "Leaps above just being noteworthy" "The antithesis of being abysmal." Solid choices. 

It's like that saying all roads lead to Rome  (an English teacher probably taught you it once). All words can lead to communication, but which words will dance when they get there?

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