Just do what makes you feel pretty

There we were, Zumba-ing the night away, when I noticed a woman next to Emily trying to pick up the steps and occasionally looking around for sympathy and support. Little did she know I’m a sucker for this kind of gym goer.

We consoled her, “We’re all just beginners here. You’ll get it.” She looked uneasy. I added, “Just do what makes you feel pretty.”

After another song, one we’d warned her about being extra tough, she turned to us and said, “You know, I really like that. Do what makes you feel pretty. That should be our motto. Our motto for life.”

The more I thought about it, the more I liked her idea. Almost everything I do is something that makes me feel pretty. I’m a good girl, obedient, and it makes me feel pretty. I was there at the gym dancing, and it made me feel pretty. When I tell someone else they look pretty, I can’t help but feel a little prettier myself.

I believe that when we are making good decisions, those decisions give us a strong sense of self and confidence. So by advising someone to “Just do what makes you feel pretty,” it’s really just a clever way of telling someone to do the right thing.

So go do what makes you feel pretty.


  1. your blog layout is getting better and better.

    you are pretty.

  2. Eating Cocoa Puffs makes me feel pretty. So. Done :)

  3. I am so happy I made the blog. I'm also happy that you blogged about this because it truly was a wonderful moment. Lets Zumba again soon. Love you!