Songs I want sung to me

Throughout this life of mine, I've stumbled upon a couple songs that I thought, "If only a man would think about me this way, I'd be set." I've made a starter list of such songs.

--Something in the Way She Moves, James Taylor--

There is something about this that makes me love being a woman. It makes me hope that I will be the calming hand to my lover's life. And just the way I move gets to him. Along the same vein is...

--She's Got a Way, Billy Joel--

He worships everything about this woman. Some things he can't even explain, but he knows he loves her for it anyway. Billy must do it right because I also love...

--She's Always a Woman, Billy Joel--

This one is less flattering. I certainly don't like to identify with the parts that make women sound crazy. But I am a big fan of him loving her completely. All encompassing.

--You're Still You, Josh Groban--

This one is a little more cheesy, but I've loved it since middle school. Of course, if the still part of the title was referring to me still being the me from middle school, I wouldn't like it so much. Regardless, I do think this is a good song for this list.

--Out of my League, Stephen Speaks--

I've been a fan of this song since Malia French played it for me in the back of the bus for choir tour on March 28, 2006. Again, this man loves everything about this girl and thinks the world of her. It'd just be lovely to be thought of this way.

--Antonia, Motion City Soundtrack--

This one is different from the rest. It's not a style of music I've been much of a fan of for years, but I've always enjoyed the lyrics. This guy knows so much about the girl he loves and thinks everything that makes her unique is what makes her beautiful. I wouldn't want the exact lyrics of this song sung to me, but the idea of it is grand.

--I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles), The Proclaimers--

I've committed to myself that I'm going to be the best wife someday. Really. I've set goals and made plans. I'm going to sacrifice and love it. But this song gets to me for the sacrifice this man would make for his woman. Aaaaannnnd, it's a catchy tune.

--Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, The Police--

By this point in my short list, I've already repeated why I'd like this song. Plus, come on, it's The Police.

Any others I should have added to this list will be gratefully accepted. 

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