Sacrifice and Obedience

So I've been thinking lately, what's the relationship between sacrifice and obedience?

My whole life, I'd kind of been bothered by the way people used the word sacrifice i.e. I sacrifice wearing modest clothes for God.

To me, that seems to not quite fit the word. Is it a sacrifice to not drink alcohol? Because it seems like, that's just being obedient.

I believe the words are very closely related principles. When we are obedient, sometimes it may be hard. But choosing to keep the commandments is a choice to be obedient. It seems ill fitting to say, I'm choosing to sacrifice. Maybe just a tad ungrateful...

What then is sacrifice? I thought of times when I felt I sacrificed. I feel like it was making a more selfless choice in a decision where there wasn't really a right or wrong. Commandments weren't involved. For example, I chose to quit a job I adored so I could go back to working full time in order to provide insurance and a better income for my soon-to-be family of two. That was hard. There wasn't black and white answer, but choosing to quit to help my family was a better choice and felt like a sacrifice. 

Any thoughts? What is sacrifice? How does it relate to obedience?

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