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My life has been in quite the upheaval the past couple months, in a great way. I think it started about the time I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Fitting title, wouldn’t you say, for someone whose life has changed? I absolutely was taken by the book’s voodoo, a sort of quasi spiritual way of viewing the items in my home. Here’s how it literally changed my life:

  • I don’t have a desire to buy clothes.
  • I got rid of almost every article of clothing or pair of shoes I own, and feel richer because of it.
  • I donated, sold, and threw away a dozen bags of things. Although my house doesn’t look much emptier, it feels lighter.
  • I’m more relaxed.

That’s just the start. Around this same time, I also read The Year of No Sugar as well as watched the presentation that inspired it, and another book called Sweet Poison. Tom was skeptical, but after watching the video, we knew we had to cut sugar and fructose out of our lives. Again, I pulled out the garbage bin and threw or gave away anything with added sweetener in it. Read the run down on why sugar kinda sucks here.

Yeah. ME. I gave up sugar! Aren’t you shocked? Are you scandalized? Growing up as the child of someone who would become known as “Candy Nana,” I never expected to find no longer eating sugar so painless. We make a few exceptions, for special occasions. I like to call it Keeping Sugar Special. This means that we’ll eat it maybe once a week, if that. 

I’ve had fun trying out new recipes like flavored applesauces which I turn part of into apple butters that we can spread on our pancakes. I bake our bread and make our tortillas, which is fun and easy and delicious. Hot cocoa, a weakness, is made with a tablespoon of cocoa powder mixed in with my vanilla protein powder. 

The greatest part about giving up sugar is that I’ve lost 10 pounds, in a month, every bit of it painlessly. After giving fructose the finger, I almost never felt hungry anymore. When I did, I ate, and ate whatever I wanted without counting calories or measuring out ingredients. WHAT. I can’t believe I’ve spent so much of my life hungry.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

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