Family update

Things have been a little crazy the past few months. My mom wanted us closer by, and we felt like that was the right thing to do SO we put our house on the market and it was sold just like that. 

I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to this neighborhood that we've loved for the past five years. I love that we're only a five-minute walk away from two grocery stores (one being Sprouts, my fave) and a hidden gem of a park that's a magical little slice of wilderness, complete with a duck pond, horses, and foxes. I'm sad to leave our good neighbors, our good neighborhood, and the good memories we've made here.

But I am excited for many good changes we'll find at Daybreak. We'll have a neat little park practically in our front yard. Our kitchen is probably three times bigger than ours now. We'll be close to my mom when we both need it most. 

Change is inevitable, and it keeps things exciting. I just need to remind myself of that. 

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