Music City, USA

In the five years Tom and I have been married, we have made exactly zero trips to go see any of my siblings. While my brother was going to school in Boston, we swore we would make a fall break trip out there to see the leaves. But we didn't. Sensing a hint of hurt at our continued broken promises, we made good on one. We went to see my brother's family in their new (gorgeous) home in Nashville.

My mom decided she would come along too, and let me just say I've never been so grateful my brother and sister-in-law decided to swap their ritzy minivan for a 12-passenger beast. 

We made an hours-of-fun visit to Lucky Ladd Farms...

And celebrated the Grand Ole Opry's 91st birthday with Brad Paisley, The Whites, and my new faves The Secret Sisters...

We drove around lots of country roads singing "Rocky Top Tennessee" and let's not forget my man John Denver, and it was just what I wanted out of my first trip to Music City, USA.

We also managed to see some Civil War sites and visit Andrew Jackson's old plantation home (on Columbus Day, so we somehow managed to combine two of my not-so-favorite people with terrible actions toward Native Americans on the same day). 

Claire even survived (more importantly, I survived) her first airplane trip as a toddler, and she loved it! The suckers? They helped. 

However, I think we're all settled in for a long winter's hibernation from travel. 

I sure will miss scenes like this though...

Claire, cousins, and Aunt "Bat"

Peace, love, and John Denver,

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