The Silver Linings of 2016, a Year that will Live in Infamy

2016 will go down as the year that gave me a swift and hardy kick in every pair of pants I've ever known. And not only personally-- it was the constant barrage of terrible global, national and local news that wouldn't let up. 

I'm not sure I've ever looked forward to January 1st quite so much as I have this time around. However, Tom and I started a tradition of adding the good things that happen to us throughout the year in our "Belle Jar," then reading them as a family on New Year's Eve. 

As we went through all the beautiful things that happened to us in 2016, both big and small, I was humbled out of my indignation and began to appreciate the year I had wished never was. Here are some of the highlights:

-Tom won 20 free meals at the U

-We both got raises

-We were able to sell our condo after showing it for less than two days for a 66% profit

- I was shown overwhelming kindness and empathy by a few wonderful women, whose examples of compassion I'll always cherish and I'll never forget

-We took an amazing 5-year anniversary trip to Bali and Sydney

-The old family piano made its way back into my life and my home

-We got new flooring in our new home for a good price

-We had an amazing trip to Nashville and The Grand Ole Opry

-We were able to spend much more time with my family than we had in the past

-We won a $100 Amazon gift card from my work party

                      -And sometimes, the universe even reached out to let me know that this too shall pass

-Then, even in a year of painful goodbyes, we learned we were about to say hello to another baby girl in spring of 2017

Here's to a new year with new adventures and a brand new life about to begin!

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  1. Anne,
    Congratulations! On the baby and the full year of 2016.

  2. Thank you Bekah! I want you to know how sincerely grateful I've been for you making the effort to reach out. It's meant so much!