Why is happiness so hard to write about?

I've had this question for some time now. I'm not much of a songwriter, but I dabble here and there and I've never been all that happy with the songs I write about being in love or feeling happy. They come out feeling cliche or saccharine. I've always been much more attached to the songs about loss and hurt. That goes for much of what I've written.

I posed this question in my book club on Saturday, hoping to get an answer.
My very insightful friend suggested that maybe when I'm happy I'm just living in the moment and there isn't a need to analyze it and feel it to death. I think she very well could be right, but that poses a more alarming question: Why don't I want to feel it to death? Isn't it much more healthy to want to dive into the deep end of happiness and soak in it awhile?

I wonder if it stems from not wanting to seem too boastful, or too self-involved, like it's more acceptable to be focused on your own thoughts and feelings just as long as you're feeling awful. I know I always struggle to post updates on my life when there's lots to be grateful for.

I'm going to keep pondering this question, but if anyone has insights, I'll be genuinely fascinated to hear them.

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