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The past few weeks have been a flurry of celebrations around here. We had my mom's 60th birthday, Tom's 28th, and Easter, all within about a week of each other. This has delighted Claire to no end, because nearly every day she'll ask me if we can go to a party. 

Growing up, Easter was kind of a downer holiday. Of course, the candy hunt was always great (my mom is a candy queen), but thinking about Jesus dying was just so... not fun. 

After getting a few more years under my belt, I started to love Easter. That's because with the years come mistakes and deaths of loved ones, and suddenly "He is risen" become the most beautiful three words in the world. Better than "I love you" even, because what better "I love you" is there than "He is risen?"

With that being said, Claire and I had a lot of Easter fun this year and I finally documented it. Here's what we've been up to:

Sand castle conquistadora

Strawberry cream cake, just because

Claire in the pants that I made out of Tom's stained pants and in the shirt made from my stained shirt

Birthday girl and a Meyer lemon crepe cake aka our first exposure to edible flowers

The birthday boy and his girl, feeding the ducks

Every year he wants triple chocolate mousse cake, and so every year he gets it.

Dyeing eggs with Grandma

Hunting eggs at the Daybreak Easter Egg Hunt

Inspecting the loot (also, I want her bunny boots to fit forever)

Probably grumpy because we're taking a picture of the lemon-raspberry pavlova cake instead of eating

 photo annsig2_zps8c22bb5f.jpg

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