30 before 30

The past month or so has included one annoying thing after the other. Nothing huge, but it was building up in me. First Claire broke her leg, meaning I was carrying around a 30-pound baby on top of a 10-pound baby. That created a bunch of issues all on it's own, including lots of other changes in her life (like quitting thumb sucking, trying to drop a nap, and starting preschool). This is on top of little Jane who just won't sleep. 

Because Jane doesn't sleep, I don't sleep, which meant that when Claire brought home a cold, I just wasn't getting better. This inconveniently happened right about the time that Tom started back in school too. 

Here's where it got better.

My in-laws took Claire with them out of town for the long weekend which left me missing her, but absolutely soaking up every bit of peace and CLEAN in the house. And boy do I feel recharged! 

With that energy, I was feeling a goal-planning session and thought it would be fun to try to squeeze in a 30 before 30 in the few months I have left. I had to keep it fairly tame remembering that Tom will be busier than ever trying to finish school, and I have two little ones at home. I also feel proud of some big accomplishments I've had so far in my 20s, so I'm not feeling too guilty here. 

To keep myself more accountable, I'm putting my list up here. Here are my 30 things to do before 30 in no particular order:

Run a 10K - I've done a 5k, a sprint triathlon, and a half marathon, but I haven't run since having Claire. 

Get something published- I'm not being too picky on what or where.

Learn how to bake baguettes- I thought these would be an excellent thing to master. 

Poach eggs the real way- I love poached eggs, but I always use my Henrietta, so I want to try the intimidating way. 

Master a signature hairstyle- My hair is always boring or more often, crazy. 

Sew myself a skirt with pockets- Easy enough to do with not a lot of time, but a bit of a stretch as well as practical!

Learn an old-timey dance- I'm thinking the Charleston? I want to dance along with Jimmy Stewart when I watch It's a Wonderful Life. 

Read Infinite Jest- If I don't make a goal to read this, I just will never conquer it. 

Master box one of my characters- I'm surprised by how much Chinese I've actually retained, but I can't read it nearly as well. I'd like to work on that. 

Throw an awesome party- Most likely a graduation party for Tom. 

Do a handstand- I used to do these, and loved the feeling.

Go on a minimum of 10 dates with Tom- Making time for love. 

Forgive someone- This might be the hardest one on here. 

Do a random act of kindness- Or several. 

Do temple work for an ancestor- I've already got one in mind. 

Bring dinner to someone who's struggling- Because food is the best. 

Send a handwritten letter once per month- Because who doesn't love mail? 

Make a new friend- I'm working on building my connection to others. The Dalai Lama would be proud. 

Learn a new word per week- Because one a day doesn't give enough time to really focus on implementing it. 

Do a staycation- Really looking forward to this. 

Tune up my flute- It's been sitting neglected for so long. 

Master a piece on the piano I've avoided- I'm excited by this one too, if I can keep Claire away long enough. 

Write a letter to the editor- This means I'll have to reengage in local news which is hard on my little mom heart. 

Teach someone a skill- I love to teach, so hopefully there's something I can pass on. 

Go skiing- I have literally never gone skiing or snowboarding, even after 19 years in Utah. 

Memorize ten scriptures- To keep Jesus on my mind more often. 

Make up a new recipe- And write it down. 

Learn how to decorate cakes- I can make a cake that tastes great, but I want to learn the ways of The Great British Bake Off contestants. 

Curate a capsule wardrobe- Keeping life simple and classy. 

Make a list of 40 things before 40- So I have more time for amazing goals. 

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